Welcome to our homepage!

We live in Ebermannstadt in Upper Frankonia, in "Frankonian Switzerland" which is located in northern Bavaria in Germany.

Tom and Petra Campbell are the proud parents of Damaris, Arwen, Christina and Valerie.  One Man, Five Women.

The pictures above are: Left, girls by a cross on a mountain top in Tirol, Austria, summer 2004.  Middle, 1st week of 2005 in the state of Thueringen in Oberhof, Germany, riding in the sled.  Right, walk in the vacation town of Holzgau, Tirol, Austria, Summer 2004.

Below are pictures from 2005:  Left, overlooking the "Wiesent Valley" a few kilometers from our house with Arwen and Valerie.  Ruins of an old 1100A.D. fortress are to the left and a bit up from Arwens head.  Middle, where we live in Ebermannstadt.  Right, overlooking the village of Streitberg, looking toward Ebermannstadt, our town.